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A splash of gingery kombucha lends some extra spice and fizz to the refreshingly citrussy blend of our new, naturally sweetened Sugar-Free Lemon Ginger Multivitamin drink mix. This health tonic will help you hydrate and clear a fuzzy head the morning after a big night out, or provide a needed boost of energy and vitamins to wake you up from a midday slump. 

Ener-C Sugar-Free Lemon Ginger Blackberry Zinger

Photo and recipe by Lindsay Mustard, HN



  1. Add Sugar-Free Lemon Ginger packet(s) to a drinking glass and mix with water, let stand and fizz for a few minutes.
  2. Add the kombucha, ice and blackberries and gently stir.
  3. Serve and enjoy!

By Lindsay Mustard. Lindsay is a Holistic Nutritionist, foodie and firefighter-in-training with a burning passion for health and fitness. In her nutrition practice, Lindsay works with clients to craft a unique plan that is tailored to their specific health goals using a natural, whole food and supplement approach.