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Have you ever seen a good idea and known in your bones that you could make it even better? Here’s how a renegade multivitamin drink mix was born, and why we strive to do better and be better every day.


Back in 2012, we found ourselves at a crossroads. Many of us had been part of a team distributing a product called Emergen-C in Canada for many years, until a large pharmaceutical company bought it. We were faced with a choice: do we sit back, count our blessings and let the giants rule the earth… or do we choose something different? At the daylight end of a dark night of our entrepreneurial souls, the answer came:



Because we spent ten years collaborating with some very passionate and principled people and we didn’t want to say goodbye to the relationships we built with them and the knowledge we gained along the way. Because knew in our bones that we could create something better. Because we knew we would eventually triumph over the “knock-off brand” association by choosing the purest, most bioavailable and planet-friendly ingredients and creating an objectively delicious-tasting, convenient and healthy product. And finally, because our little team discovered we are made less of “cut your losses and move on” and a whole lot more of “shimmy-up-and-try”. That’s how a renegade multivitamin drink mix was born.


tested & trusted

If you are going to take vitamins and minerals to support good health, why not take them in their most effective and delicious form? We make Ener-Life with pure, non-GMO and bioavailable vitamins and minerals and real fruit and vegetable powders that dissolve easily in water for maximum absorption, because why take a supplement if your body can’t absorb and reap the benefits? Why not choose a natural and delicious way to promote good health?

tested & trusted

Making Ener-Life involves a rigorous testing process to ensure quality and purity (including the absence of any heavy metals or pesticides). We test Ener-Life’s raw materials prior to blending them, and then test again once the formula is blended. All testing is done by 3rd parties to ensure standards are met consistently with the best-possible results. All our ingredients and our formulas are certified non-GMO by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation).


Our goal is to be your choice for immunity, energy and hydration support, and to provide a delicious, effective and high-quality, natural alternative to formulas produced by large pharmaceutical companies. As a small, employee-owned business, we remain committed to doing it better, getting better every day, and to serving you and your health.

"I love how easy these packets are to take with you on the go. I drink Ener-C a lot in the winter but also when I'm feeling the beginning of a cold. The taste is awesome and it gives you that extra energy!"

- Natasha


What makes Ener-Life different?

We believe our products can only be as good as the raw materials they are made from, which is why we choose to use the purest, most bioavailable and ethically sourced ingredients in all our formulas. There are other products out there that may look and even taste similar, but when it comes to the things you put in your body to keep you healthy, energized and strong, we believe quality matters. It is why we use 1,000mg of vitamin C from mineral ascorbates.

This is the best form of vitamin C to take because it is more bioavailable (and gentler on your stomach) than ascorbic acid or ester-C. It is also why all our ingredients are certified non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free. It is why we only use natural fruit powders and real cane sugar to colour and flavour our products. Finally, it is why we only use very small amounts of sugar in both our sport (1g) and multivitamin (5g) formulas (to help your body absorb the electrolytes, minerals and vitamins). We think you will taste and feel the difference.

How and where is Ener-Life made?

Our vision is Wellness for People and Planet. Our first step in achieving it is the sourcing of raw materials. We are committed to the use of fair-trade practices in sourcing raw materials, and we audit our suppliers on a regular basis.

Why Non-GMO?

All our raw materials are sourced and certified as non-GMO. Our commitment to non-GMO stems from a desire to support agricultural integrity and a belief that no one “owns” the genetic make-up of something created by nature. We are committed to the use of fair-trade practices in sourcing raw materials, and we audit our suppliers on a regular basis.