Have you ever seen a good idea and known in your bones that you could make it even better? Here’s how a renegade multivitamin drink mix was born, and why we strive to do better and be better every day.


Our little OG Ener-C team was born of a desire to do something different: we wanted to provide choice. Choice in the form of a delicious, natural multivitamin drink mix option, made with the most bioavailable, pure and sustainably sourced non-GMO vitamins and minerals and real fruit and vegetable-derived flavors and colors.

We may still be a little fish in the grand scheme, but we have the energy to keep swimming upstream, powered by the belief we have something better to offer you in your quest to choose healthy and live healthy each day.


Back in 2012, we found ourselves at a crossroads. Many of us had been part of a team distributing a different Vitamin C packet product in Canada for many years, until a large pharmaceutical company bought it, and changed the landscape for us all. We were faced with a choice: do we sit back, count our blessings and let the giants rule the earth… or do we band together and choose to create something different?

At the daylight end of a dark night of our entrepreneurial souls, the answer came: SOMETHING DIFFERENT. SOMETHING BETTER.


Because we spent ten years collaborating with some very passionate and principled people and we didn’t want to say goodbye to the relationships we built with them and the knowledge we gained along the way. Because we knew in our bones that we could create something better. Because we knew we would eventually triumph over the “knock-off brand” association by choosing the purest, most bioavailable and planet-friendly ingredients and creating a incredible and delicious-tasting, convenient and truly healthy product.

And finally, because our little team discovered we are made less of “cut your losses and move on” and a whole lot more of “shimmy-up-and-try”.

That’s how a renegade multivitamin drink mix was born. We are so happy to have you here with us!


Ensuring Purity and Safety

Making Ener-Life involves a rigorous testing process to guarantee quality and purity, including checks for the absence of any heavy metals or pesticides. We test Ener-Life’s raw materials before blending and again after the formula is mixed to ensure the highest standards.

Third-Party Assurance

All testing is carried out by independent third parties. This step is crucial to consistently meet our high standards and deliver the best possible results, ensuring that every batch of Ener-Life upholds our strict quality criteria.

Certified Non-GMO Ingredients

All our ingredients and formulas are certified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project, making Ener-Life the only vitamin mix brand to exclusively offer certified non-GMO products. We are committed to not just talking about quality and safety, but actively demonstrating it through our certifications.