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How to Kick-Start Your Day!

Are you a "rise and shine, it's coffee time" kind of person?  Studies have shown that how you start your day not only sets your mood and energy levels for the day, but it can also help your metabolism, immunity and overall health!  

Mandy Gill making an Ener-C smoothie

We asked plant-based super star Mandy Gill
her favorite smoothie routines.

And here they are.

(Did we mention she makes a mean smoothie bowl?) 

The Smoothie Routine

Smoothies are an easy way to get in a bunch of nutrient-dense foods, including all of your macro-nutrients (fats, carbohydrates, and proteins), to keep you feeling full and energized. They also tend to help curb those unwanted "pastry" cravings we get when we rush out the door to work on an empty stomach!

A few ways to get into the "Smoothie Routine" are:

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