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At Home and Healthy

In this article, professional freestyle skier and former olympian Anna Segal shares higher intensity indoor fitness tips for those who find themselves gym-less or otherwise in a position where we need to push furniture out of the way to get a workout in!

Olympian Anna Segal works out in her garage

Article by Anna Segal, photos courtesy Ilanna Barkusky.

I was never a ‘work-out-at-home’ kinda girl. In my mind I needed to leave the house to get motivated. If I tried to work out at home I’d end up cleaning my room, vacuuming the floor or even brushing the dreadlocks out of my Pomeranian’s hair. I’d find the worst kind of chores and convince myself they were more worthy of my time. However, since COVID came about things have changed. I’ve now embraced the home workout lifestyle and in some ways, even prefer it to my habits prior to the pandemic. Working out at home is WAY cheaper than a gym membership or going to classes, there’s no commuting/ traffic or parking involved (equalling less stress), and you can be on your own schedule.

 While I love being active outdoors, the weather in the colder months  can make this difficult for many. Couple inclement weather with the risks associated with being in a gym I close proximity to others during a global pandemic, and it can be challenging to find ways to get a good workout in. I’ve listed a few of my go-to classes that I’ve been relying on to keep me in shape during the last 11 months.


Julia McCabe’s power yoga will get you strong! While it’s intense, she provides great instruction and guidance, to ensure that you don’t push it too far. She has 30, 60 and 90-minute classes for beginner/ intermediate and advanced students.


I know not everyone has access to a spin bike at home, but if you happen to, or have a trainer for your bike, you should check out Tag Cycling. They have a YouTube channel with over 50 free spin classes, or you can purchase a pass to drop into their scheduled live stream classes.

Strength and mobility

Vancouver, Canada-based Freestyle Fit owner Dania Assaly is a former Canadian Ski Team member who has transitioned into the world of strength, conditioning and personal training. Dania’s Zoom workouts literally got me through the first month of lockdown last spring. Dania has continued to host Freestyle Fit boot camps online. The workouts are 50 minutes of body weight exercises, bands, and/or weights. The sessions are available live, via Zoom. However, if you don’t have the time available to do the workouts live, Dania will send through the recorded version so you can get the workout done at your convenience. Be prepared to sweat!


After resisting their incessant Instagram advertising for the last year, I finally caved in and gave the Alo Moves platform a try. It has online strength, Pilates, yoga and meditation classes from some of the best instructors in North America. I’m past the free trial stage and have decided to continue, because for $20 a month, it’s cheaper than any studio membership!

Now all you have to do is find a small nook at home, set up your yoga matt and name it as your home gym.

Anna Segal works out with Ener-C Sport Electrolytes

Anna Segal is an Australian Olympic freestyle slopestyle skier and two-time world champion who lives, works and plays in beautiful Pemberton, BC.