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Yuki Tsubota, Olympic Skiier

Location: Whistler, BC

Activity: Skiing, hiking, Exploring BC

Story: My Favorite thing about Whistler is the community, growing up in a small town like Whistler everyone knows everyone and is so supportive of each other. I also can’t forget about it being the best playground in the world, I owe it to growing up in Whistler that I am where I am in my skiing today. Lil’ rippers motivate me and inspire me. A part of the season I really look forward to is the spring where I get to ski and coach with them. Having kids look up to me pushes me every day to be a good role model and give them something to work towards. Skiing with them also is a time I get to forget about competing and go back to my roots of where it all began, I get to pump them up and teach them new tricks, there’s no better feeling than teaching a kid their first 360! I've start training again, working on all of my tricks plus adding a few new ones. The winter will consist of around 7-8 contest around the world including Dew Tour, World Cups, X Games and World Championships. I finished off the season with two podiums so my goal is to keep that going and hit a few podiums next season.

Goals: To keep inspiring and hitting the podium

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