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Sasha Passaglia, Yoga/Fitness Instructor

Location: Maple Ridge BC

Activity: Yoga/Fitness

Story: Starting every day off with 5 Sun Salutations, Sasha is always trying to better herself. Inspired by her Husband & 2 sons, she is grateful for all of those who shes encountered and made an impact on her life. You can find her attending Oxygen Yoga classes or at Golden Ears park hiking, swimming or exploring the outdoors! 

Quote: 'Always speak your truth/Live with no regrets/Negativity can only affect you if you're on the same frequency so vibrate higher'

Goals: Currently in the process of creating an online youtube channel dedicated to sharing the joy of Yoga with the world. Her goal is to inspire a new generation of Yogis to find a daily practice that makes a difference in their lives.

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