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Our goal for The Gift of Health was to create a community and movement in “Redefining” your health and to provide a space to share what being healthy truly means to you. With Chelan Wilkins, RHN and Mandy Gill, plant-based super athlete, we explored so many aspects of our health. We covered a range of topics from SMART goals, Fear, Men’s Health, Moms syndrome, how to disconnect, and so much more! Your responses were incredible, and we were so inspired by each of you sharing what “healthy"means to you. If you missed out on our contest, you can still watch our Videos and read our blogs.


Dorie Holden and Tera McVicker have each won a year's supply of Ener-C. We are inspired by both Dorie and Tera's approaches to health and wellness... so we asked them to share their secrets with us, and you!

Meet Dorie Holden:

What does "healthy" mean to you? 
Health means freedom!  It means living responsibly and choosing the right supplements to aid my body in my quest for health and to stay on a healthy pathway.
What do you do to feel and stay healthy?
My favorite way to stay physically healthy is to make sure I take a good array of supportive supplements and eat fresh organic foods. I haven’t eaten red meat for 30 years and I advocate being aware of how food makes one feel and listening to the body.  I like to do yoga and stretch and go for long walks to promote physical and emotional health. I also am a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner and utilize the benefits of the flower essences to maintain optimal emotional balance.
How does Ener-C help you stay healthy?
Ener-C is imperative for keeping my nerves and muscles working at optimal levels. I use it every day at least once or twice. My naturopath suggested I use it before bed to alleviate leg cramps! The magnesium is great for that!  It’s my go to recommendation for headaches, restlessness, muscle cramps, low energy and for the rigors of traveling!

Meet Tera McVicker:

What does "healthy" mean to you?
Taking the best possible care of your mental, physical and emotional health! We are the happiest when we can be the best versions of ourselves.  
What do you do to feel and stay healthy?

Hiking! My favorite place to hike is around Laguna Beach. Nature is the way I recharge after a long week. For emotional health, I enjoy reading books and going on walks... anything to disconnect when I might be feeling stressed. Emotional health is just as important as physical health!How does Ener-C help you stay healthy?
Ener-C is my favorite hydration support because not only is it a great alternative to typical sports drinks, but a lot of the other hydration/vitamin C brands out there contain a lot of unnecessary sugar and other questionable ingredients. Ener-C’s small packets make it ideal to throw in my purse, take hiking, or anywhere, really!


 Mike Shaw! We were so inspired by Mike's story - an athlete who went from avid freestyle skier, to dedicated ski coach, to surviving, and thriving, with a spinal cord injury.  He will be donating his $1000, (and participating along with his Team Coast 2 Coast) in the Wings for Life World Run to raise awareness and funds for spinal cord injury research.
Congratulations, Mike!