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Carla Penman, Fire Fighter

Location: North Vancouver, BC

Occupation: Firefighter, Fire Department Captain

Story: I have always been extremely active. I played many sports but focussed mainly on basketball which i played for 4 years at Capilano. In my final year  i was named all- Canadian. While at Capilano i had also been taking fire fighting courses in my free time. Once i was no longer in school i really turned my focus towards becoming a fire fighter. In 1998 i was hired by the District of North Van Fire Dept. I was the first female ever to be hired on the North Shore. Fourteen years later i was promoted to Captain. I still live in North Vancouver with my husband and 2 kids. I am still extremely active and i now compete in Firefit and Crossfit.

Accomplishments: I will say, I definitely do most of my bragging about my kids. By far they will always be my biggest accomplishment. I have however gotten to compete at a National and World level in the sport of Firefit and the Firefighter Combat Challenge. I currently hold the over 40 female World record. Im quite proud to be a 40 year old female and still killing it in that sport. Its a very painful test of strength and fitness!

Goals: My personal short term goal is to beat my own world record. It will take a major committment to training but of course it would be worth it. My longer term goal is to retire and move to Arizona. Thats our home away from home.


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