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Meet Leah Allison, glass artist and owner of Big Eddy Glassworks in beautiful Revelstoke, British Columbia. Leah and her team work in extreme heat (glass is blown at a blistering 870 - 1,040º C!) to create beautiful, functional pieces of art. Learn more about their work, and why Leah and her team hydrate with Ener-C.

Big Eddy Glassworks glass blowing

All photos courtesy of Big Eddy Glassworks & Leah Allison.

Leah, as an artist, what led you to start working with glass? 
I actually didn’t think I was artistic until I started working with glass. But once I saw molten glass for the first time, I was hooked. The heat, the fluidity of glass, the colours! It’s an irresistible and amazing material.
Leah Allison of Big Eddy Glassworks
Glass blowing looks like a particularly collaborative and physically demanding medium. How would you describe your work environment, conditions and process? 
Glass blowing is the most extreme team sport ever! Working in a hot shop (glass blowing studio) is hot! Like, really hot, so staying hydrated is on everyone’s mind. Having fun at work and being a strong team is also very important to me. To keep our team energy up we make cocktails on Instagram every Friday and we love to throw the occasional party!
Big Eddy Glassworks Cocktails
What role does mentorship play in your story and in your studio? 
My mentors over the years have been generous and instrumental in my approach to blowing glass and running a business. I am passionate about having a fun, educational, friendly and non-competitive environment at Big Eddy Glass Works. I owe a lot of that to attitude to the amazing mentors and people in my life.
You live in a small town in a beautiful part of the country – how do you think your community and where you live have informed your art and your business?  
There is an incredible energy in Revelstoke and the community here is so vibrant and supportive! The beauty in our surroundings and the adventurous spirit of Revelstoke inspires me daily. Not only in my glass work but in the programs that I create and the parties and events that we throw. I try to give back to the community wherever I can. I love this town so much!!
Big Eddy Glassworks Latitude Cups
Your work is beautiful and functional. Do you have a favourite piece or series you have created? 
Thank you! My favourite functional line of work are the Latitude Cups that we make here at the shop. They are inspired by the latitude lines on the maps of the mountain region I call home, and brought to life with jewel tones that I love so much. I also make sometimes make work that is not super functional! Every few years I am part of a glass fashion show where I create wearable glass dresses and costumes that have a very special place in my heart.
What is your favorite flavour of Ener-C? 
It’s very difficult to choose a favourite flavour of Ener-C, I love them all!! But my number one is Peach Mango.
Check out @bigeddyglassworks on instagram to see some of their gorgeous creations! 
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