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Vitamin C for immunity... and so much more.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Vitamin C? Immunity, right? Do you also think of bright and juicy oranges and associate vitamin C with it?  We do too!

However, vitamin C has so many cool benefits within our body that most aren't aware of. Vitamin C is like the "superfood" of vitamins, and here's why.

Unlike other mammals, humans cannot produce vitamin C in our livers. We need to maintain adequate levels within our body through our foods and supplementation to prevent deficiencies, illness, and other health-related problems associated with low vitamin C levels. 



Vitamin C, as we know, is a potent antioxidant. Antioxidants are essential in binding to the free radicals within our body and preventing illness, diseases, cancer, heart conditions, and much more. Vitamin C helps protect the body against oxidative stress while reducing cell damage and inflammation within the body. 

Vitamin C also plays a role in our skin health and appearance as it is not just a powerful antioxidant; it is also essential in the production of collagen within our body. Without high enough levels of vitamin C in our diets and adequate levels in our body, our collagen production can be affected. Collagen is responsible for the texture and appearance of our skin, the health of our joints, and cartilage and our bone health, so making sure you are getting enough vitamin C daily through foods and supplementation is a must for collagen production.

 When it comes to our heart health, vitamin C again proves to be essential against preventing heart disease, high cholesterol levels, and even hypertension (high blood pressure).  Vitamin C, as previously mentioned, helps fight against oxidative stress within the body while carrying oxygen in our blood vessels and preventing risks associated with blocked arteries and vessels. 

 Immunity is where vitamin C shines. Alongside its potent antioxidant levels, vitamin C supports both our innate and adaptive immune system by supporting the cellular functions in both. Vitamin C helps increase our ability to fight off viruses and illnesses, reduce the time that we are sick, and supports our immune system and lymphatic system daily.  When our bodies have low levels of vitamin C, our immune system can be impaired, leaving us more susceptible to infections and illness. 

When it comes to up-taking vitamin C in our diet, we don't consume enough just through our dietary intake.  It is recommended to take a vitamin C supplement (mineral ascorbate*) through a multivitamin or alone to ensure our levels are maintained and sufficient for our overall health. Although the RDA  dosage suggests 75-90 mg a day, that is the baseline to prevent deficiencies.deally, we should be consuming 5-6 servings of vitamin C-rich foods (fruits and vegetables) daily alongside supplementing with 1-2000mg of mineral ascorbate vitamin C for overall health and immunity.

Ener-C Multivitamin drink mix contains 1000mg of mineral ascorbate vitamin C in each sachet, alongside other potent antioxidants such as Vitamin A and Vitamin E.  The combination of these vitamins has a synergistic role within our body allowing for the maximum absorption of nutrients without causing stomach upset and contributing to our good health.

Whether you decide to consume extra vitamin C rich foods or increase your supplementation daily, vitamin C should be a part of your health and wellness routine daily. Due to its abundance of health benefits, vitamin C has proven to be one of our essential powerhouse vitamins.   

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