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This month, we want to celebrate a few of the strong, brave, adventuresome and amazing women who also happen to be Ener-C fans from our home province of British Columbia. Meet Pat, Charlene and Sian and learn a bit about them and why they choose Ener-C.

Meet Sian

Photo by @siannpowell
Why do you choose Ener-C?
Ener-C is a great source of electrolytes and allows me to perform my high- endurance activities. I have transformed my routine with Ener-C. The compact packaging is great for my hiking trips, skiing trips and any workout. I can just pop it into some filtered water in the backcountry!
What are your favourite outdoor activities?
My favourite outdoor activities are hiking, backcountry skiing, cycling and climbing. My next big adventure is going to be Yosemite in the Spring with a few nights in the backcountry culminating with the half-dome climb. I choose Ener-C for my activities because it provides me with the electrolytes and hydration I require while tasting delicious. The outdoors empowers me and I am overjoyed with companies like Ener-C who share that passion.
What are your favourite Ener-C flavours?
My favourite is the Ener-C Sport Mix and my second-favourite is the Raspberry Multivitamin.

Meet Pat

Pat... with another icon.
Why do you choose Ener-C?
At 75 years of age I'm happy to say that I haven't been sick in many years and don't take any meds. I don't attribute this to luck or good fortune. When I discovered Ener-C and the type and balance of all the ingredients it became a staple in my nutra-cuetical "stable". I believe that I've weathered the annual 'flu seasons well because of decades of taking Vit C, D & Zinc. With Ener-C, its so easy AND great tasting that I look forward to starting my days with a cool glass of my favorite flavors. Also, I've come to learn that in life, cheaper doesn't always equate with better. That means that I would prefer to purchase Ener-C over other brands because of the ingredients. 
What advice can you give us on staying healthy as we get older?
Thanks to the past 35 years of being dedicated to improving my health naturally, I am able to say that all lab tests are good year after year. Keeping fit is easy when you're not in pain and I enjoy hiking with my "kids"...even surprised one son and his wife on the tennis courts two years ago with my serve. After he was born (and he was the last of four kids I had over a span of 12 years), I took tennis lessons to get back in shape. None of my family or friends play so I rarely picked up my racket over the next 40+ years, but like riding a bicycle, you never forget your serve when you learn it right!  My advice to others—men and women—is to focus on your personal health and fitness needs, then set goals that will take you there. It's been my experience that when I'm "nutritionally fit" then I'm less tempted to choose meals that undermine my efforts. The same goes for physical fitness. When I keep to my walking & gentle workout plan I just don't want to couch-sit for long! That saying "If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail!" hits home to me. 
What is your favourite flavour of Ener-C?
I like all the flavours and am especially pleased that you now offer sugar-free options flavoured with Stevia.

Meet Charlene

Charlene at work.
Why do you choose Ener-C?
I work in a long-term care facility and I have for the past 6 years. When Covid first began I was very stressed out, scared... as I think everybody was. I was worried for my health and safety as well as the residents that I care for. I isolated myself while I was at home and really didn’t do a whole lot for fear of catching Covid and being that person that brought it into work. I decided to try Ener-C to boost my immunity during these trying times, and to give myself a little extra of the vitamins and minerals I may not be getting due to overtime shifts at work.

How have you taken care of your own health during the pandemic?
I have a great team that I work with. Before and after our shift, we talk about how we’re feeling what went on today and just decompress. I really think my co-workers brought me sanity and grounded me as we are in the same place: same fears and same anxiety. And knowing I wasn’t the only one getting stressed and burnt out. What kept me going (and still does) is the hope that things will become “normal” again. 

What do you like best about your job?
I love being able to help people that have given their whole lives and helping others. I have built relationships with my residents. I love hearing stories of their past and being able to be there for them, especially now during Covid and when visitors weren’t allowed in. Giving a little extra one-on-one with them whether it’s reading them a story, helping them do a puzzle or just sitting with them, holding their hand. ❤️

Any Covid-19 silver-linings for you?
My husband and I have been doing a lot more outdoor stuff, a lot more camping, hiking, fishing and we just started caving! I'm already looking forward to doing more of this now that the weather is becoming nicer and warmer.

What's your favourite flavour of Ener-C?
I enjoy them all! I pick up a different flavour each time I buy a box.

What's YOUR Ener-C Story?

Are you an Ener-C fan with a story to share? Tell us here, and if we choose you for our monthly feature, we'll send you a six-month supply of your favourite formulas... free!

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